Pewaukee Area Historical Society

The Clark House Museum, located in the Village of Pewaukee, was originally a stage coach inn on the Watertown Plank Road that ran from Milwaukee to Watertown. The inn was built by Mosely Clark, the son of Pewaukee’s first settler, Asa Clark.┬áThe Clark House remained in the Clark family until the death of Marietta Clark Larson, great-granddaughter of Asa, in 1984. In 1992 the Pewaukee Area Historical Society purchased the property.

The museum displays include an exhibits on Native American settlement with emphasis on the Potawatomi and Waukesha Beach, a popular amusement park on the shore of Pewaukee Lake. Pictures and artifacts portray a way of life from the early 1900s in the village and city. The exhibit building on the Clark House grounds, opened in 2007, houses larger artifacts, including farm machinery and a mail wagon.