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Suspicious guy on bicycle in Springdale Estates

Turning left into subdivision on Burningwood and was blocked by suspicious guy on bicycle taking pictures/video on his cell phone in a 360 degree angle. Hopefully nothing, but I know sometimes cell phones are used to case targets in neighborhoods. Never have seen this person around before. Dark red hoody, dreadlocks. Anyone else see this person further in our subdivision?

This past Sunday evening, a gentleman came to my door on Glenwood with a clipboard saying he was the pastor of Victory Church in Milwaukee. He rang the doorbell a number of times aggressively and banged on the door. When I came to the door, he was already halfway across my lawn heading for my neighbor's house. He definitely seemed as if he was in a hurry. He was asking for donations for an "emergency fundraiser" and would accept anything that I was moved to give. I didn't have cash on me and asked if I could send a check to the church. He seemed disinterested and asked instead if I had any cash at all in the house. I told him to please give me any information about his organization and I'd be happy to donate. He didn't have any identifying information and he told me to go to the church website and then left very abruptly to get into a purple-ish late model Camry that was idling in front of my neighbor's house. They left the subdivision quickly. I'm a trusting guy, but the whole thing made me really uncomfortable, and it seems that others have verified that it is an ongoing scam. Very disheartening.