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Pediatricians in Pewaukee

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and need to start looking for a pediatrician. I have United Healthcare insurance and currently use Froedert for maternity stuff, but everything is SO EXPENSIVE ($550/ultrasound) that I'm thinking of trying a different hospital/association for Pediatrics. Any recommendations?

We go to Sussex family practice for our pediatrician (Wheaton branch). all of the doctors are wonderful. My kids love going to see the doctor! United should cover a large chunk of ultrasound. Insurance companies aren’t required to cover ultrasounds beyond your 20ish week appt when they check the organs, so may not cover as much after that ultrasound since most of the time, they’re unnecessary if all is well with baby.


We go to Sussex family practice for our pediatrician (Wheaton branch). 

It was my First Trimester Screen and my 20 week anatomy scan that were >$500. I was shocked. I called UHC and a few other places to make sure the bill was right. Sadly it was. Plus I was told that the technician isn't employed by the WI Medical College so there was a huge chunk of the bill to pay for the person doing the ultrasound too. Luckily they agreed to take monthly payments for both ultrasounds.

I would suggest getting a Pediatrician that has hospital admitting rights at Children’s Hospital. You never know if your baby will come early and need the NICU. The NICU nurses and doctors at Children’s are some of the best. My twins born at 26 weeks are mostly healthy given the excellent care they received. We use the doctors at Children’s Clinic in Pewaukee/Delafield.

I had UHC while pregnant. The cost you pay out of pocket depends on your insurance plan. UHC pays the most for a tier 1 provider and location. If your using Froedtert Clinic at the hospital for an ultrasound you might ask if you’re being charged a facilities usage charge. If so, visit a location that isn’t part of the hospital itself.