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Best time to sell a house

Greeting Springdale Friends and Neighbors.

It sure was a great summer – we are still looking for a Condo.

The construction is inferior and inventory is very low unless you want to spend over $300K. Our question is … do you still have friends / family looking to buy this time of year and into the winter months or should we wait until spring to list the house? It is just the two of us and we were wondering what the families think.

Thank you for your input.

We are so sad to leave this wonderful neighborhood but need to downsize.

Warm Regards Michael.

Michael, I sent you a PM. But bottom line... this is an excellent time to list your home, as inventory is so low (as you unfortunately know) & our subdivision continues to be very popular. Waiting until spring is risky as the market may change... you may end up being 1 of 20!

Best time of year to sell a house in your area. As you can see from the trends above, people tend to shop for homes as the weather gets warmer, so prepping your home in the winter months to sell in spring usually makes sense. With tax refunds in their pockets, nicer weather for moving in the forecast, and summer break from the kids’ school coming up, it’s easy to see why spring is typically the most popular time to buy and sell.